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Jan 01, 2012· Similar to sintering, pelletizing is another widely used process to agglomerate the iron ore. Sinter plants are usually located near the blast furnace plant, but pelletizing plants are often located near the mining site. Some works have both pelletizing and sintering plants at the smelter sites. Green Pellets

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Pelletizing is the process of compressing or molding a material into the shape of a pellet.A wide range of different materials are pelletized including chemicals, iron ore, animal compound feed, and more.

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Oct 01, 2013· Sustainable Processing of Iron Ore. Clariant Mining's FLOTICOR³ PA 8000 improves the pelletizing process. • Higher production • Higher iron content • Lower energy • Robust pellets.

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Kiln drive components Equipment description Grate The traveling grate is a conveyor that transports balled iron ore concentrate through cross-flow processing zones. The conveying element is a continuous loop assembly of slotted ferrous stainless steel grate plates, chain castings, and side plates to carry a bed of agglomerates.

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A range of high-quality, compact burners, specifically designed for iron ore sintering and pelleting plants using traveling grate kilns. Iron Ore Pellet Kiln burners can also be used in a number of other applications such as hot gas generators, calciners and pre-heat chambers.

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There are two main processes for producing iron ore pellets: The Grate-Kiln system and the straight grate system. In the straight grate system, a continuous parade of grate cars moves at the same speed though the drying, induration and cooling zones. Any change …

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4 Iron ore pelletizing Energy efficiency The Grate-Kiln® induration machine is composed of three separate process pieces of equipment. The traveling grate is used primarily to dry and preheat green balls for feeding into the rotary kiln, where they are indurated. Once the green balls are made they are spread out evenly across the grate.

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Pelletizing is a process where iron ore concentrate is mixed with additives and binder and rolled together into balls. The finished iron ore products are known as pellets. LKAB produces two types of pellets: blast furnace pellets and direct reduction pellets.

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The Pelletizing System is a grate-kiln process where iron ore pellets undergo heat treatment in two stages. Iron ore and binding agents are ground and formed into "green balls," the …

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iron-making processes such as the blast furnace or the DR-plant. Hence, an agglomeration technique should be applied to fine concentrate. The most commonly employed one is pelletizing in iron ore industry. In pelletizing, iron ore, water and a binder are balled in …

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Grate-Kiln Iron Ore Pelletizing System Grate Kiln Systems typically consist of the Grate section, the Kiln Section, and the Cooler section. The three combined sections allow for the drying, pre-heating, indurating and cooling of pellets.

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The pellet ore is divided into acid pellet ore and alkaline pellet ore. Since acid pellet ore production and operation is easily controlled, and the pellet has high grade and intensity, and blast furnace also need both acid pellet ore and high alkalinity sinter ore for smelting, so various countries mainly produce acid pellet ore.

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Nov 14, 2015· Rotary kiln technology is advanced and mature, its products may be DRI, HDDRI, granular iron and CBI. Rotary kiln technology is fit for various of high grade or low grade iron ore …

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The iron ore concentrate is now mixed and ready for the pelletizing process. Pelletizing A pellet plant contains a series of balling drums where the iron ore concentrate is formed into soft pellets, in much the same manner that one rolls a snowball, to make a pellet about the size of …

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Pelletizing perfection - .com The pelletizing of iron ore is a critical process in securing high quality in steel mills. ... WISCO's pelletizing plant is a complex , grate-kiln type process plant that runs ... with a very fast plant delivery compared to the local Chinese manufacturers.

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Iron Ore Pellets and Pelletization Process. Pelletizing of iron ore was started in the 1950s to facilitate the utilization of finely ground iron ore concentrates in steel production. For the pelletizing of iron ore there are two main types of processes namely, the straight travelling grate (STG) process and the grate kiln (GK) process.

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The plant took iron ore concentrate and produced superior iron ore pellets (which are spheres of high iron content and uniform quality) for blast furnace and direct reduced iron feed. 2 Iron ore pelletizing . In the Grate-Kiln system. In the straight grate system.

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END USER LKAB (Kiruna, Sweden) If a pinion failure occurs when the kiln is restarted, it can reduce the available breakaway torque from the hydraulic drive system by half. The Dellner STL system is then used to BACKGROUND The LKAB iron ore pelletizing production facility at Kiruna incorporates a 7.5 metre (25ft) diameter Minerals

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Iron ore green balls are soft and easy to break. So after the pelletizing and screening operations, iron ore pellets have to be hardened in a furnace through a firing process. Once fired, they can be handled, loaded in ships or trains and delivered to the end users.

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Jan 01, 2012· In iron ore mines, the concentrated ore is made as a slurry in the concentrator plant and transported to pelletizing plants via long distance pipe lines. These pipes, having no flanges, are joined with victaulic couplings, which are recent improvements, fixed on grooves in the pipe ends.

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Pelletizing grate kiln. ... At 800°C, the Magnetite iron Ore gets converted into Fe2O3 in an exothermic reaction. The liberated heat hardens the green balls which is helpful to withstand the tumbling impact in the rotary kiln. A circular cooler is used for cooling of the fired pellets.

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Our heavy-duty iron ore balling drums are relied on by some of the industry’s top producers to process iron ore fines into pellets for the steelmaking process. The use of a disc pelletizer is a popular alternative approach to pelletizing iron ore fines, as this offers more control over pellet size and produces a more refined pellet product ...

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This was the fourth Grate Kiln iron ore pelletizing plant installed for LKAB and the largest system constructed to date Equipment Specifications : Traveling Grate – 5664 mm x 70240 mm Rotary Kiln – 7470 mm diameter x 6858 mm diameter x 40000 mm long Annular Cooler – 28041 mm x 3657 mm Plant Commissioning : April 2008 Iron Ore Feed ...

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Iron ore pelletizing systems . Introduction • Iron ore concentrate pellets are upgraded into high quality feed for both blast furnace and direct reduction furnace operations • ’s range of pelletizing products includes: -Balling equipment-Grate-kiln pelletizing system • 54 installations worldwide • Capacities ranging from 3 ...

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Iron ore pellets and Pelletizing processes. Pelletizing is a process that involves mixing very finely ground particles of iron ore fines of size less than 200 mesh with additives like bentonite and then shaping them into oval/spherical lumps of 8-16 mm in diameter …

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Iron ore pelletizing, or balling, is the process of transforming fines into spherical granules anywhere from 8 – 16mm in size via tumble growth agglomeration using either a disc pelletizer or rotary drum.